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Happy Tuesday Friends!! I’m just checking in because I’ve been so busy and focused on other things that are not my little blog BUT I see that there are still people who swing by to take a peek… thank you for that:)

I’ve been doing an Intention workout, which is fabulous and I think I’m going to actually tell you all about it soon, not tonight because I’m far too hungry right now to do anything more than a quick ‘hi’ and to let you know more is coming. But the thing about this Intention workout is that it has helped me to really see that I love my blog. My little blog holds a bigger spot in my heart than I had thought, SO I must keep it going. Yaaaaaaaaaaay!! It’s nice to realize that:)

So i say a big thank you to everyone who has kept swinging by and please keep coming because regular posts are around the corner. Woot woot!

But for now, it’s dinner time and trust me when I say ‘ to blog well, one must have a happy stomach’.

and I want to blog well.;)

george clooney, dolphins and cadbury cream eggs


it’s late and i’m tired.

but i’m somehow drawn to my blog.

crazy timing. silly timing.

i really should go to bed because it’s 10:42pm.

that’s pretty much the middle of the night for me. and i’m ok with that.

but i just wanted to say hi.

and now i’ll say good night and i hope your dreams are filled with

George Clooney, dolphins and cadbury cream eggs.

 actually maybe save those for me:)

what kind of dreams do you want to have?


and just like that…

just fixed my website.

it’s been crazy weird looking for about a month or so.

feelin like a computer genius.

it’s nice to be back.

you should probably leave a comment to say hi to me.

it’ll make my day.


Stasia - Tracy… You are fabulous!

Stacey - Hi!!! Proud of you:)

Steph - Hi Tracy. I’m glad you fixed your site and blogged. I agree with Dennis about the poem. :)

Dennis - Hi Tracy! I liked your post..but all good poems should start with “There once was a man from Nantuket”

creating your own inspiration

This week I have learned two things:

Embrace change.

There’s nothing you can do to stop it, so embrace it.

and don’t sit around waiting for inspiration to suddenly appear. Get up, start working and make your own inspiration.

it works.

So those two little things that i’ve been focusing on this week are the reason why there will be changes on my little blog.

I’m switching things up a bit and I’m excited.

I’m moving more towards my art, which means more art, less professional photography.

but not personal photography, I’ll still be sharing my own personal photos because that’s what i love doing!

I have a fabulous wedding to shoot in September that I’m looking forward to but beyond that

I’ll be focusing on my art. which is making me a bit giddy.

Change is good, it’s refreshing, it’s inspiring and it’s inevitable.

I’ll share more soon but for now I think it’s time to create my own inspiration and get back to painting.

Enjoy this beautiful Saturday friends!


let’s just pretend I haven’t missed three months of blogging.

let’s just move on like there’s no time passed.

let’s not dwell on the things we haven’t done and just focus on what we’re doing now.

 Spring… breath. it. in.

the blossoms are all out and they look beautiful.

i have photos but my camera is waaaay over there. and I’m here. and i’m comfy and so far

i’m proud of myself for just writing this message

(patting myself on the back while typing)

and i wouldn’t want to overdue it or anything.

i’m no show off.

It’s an exciting time around these parts because

Miss Emma is heading to New Orleans in a couple of days with her high. school. band.


I went to Edmonton, woot.

which don’t get me wrong, was amazing but that was when I didn’t know that other kids went to New Orleans.

oh man… the fun she’ll have.

We started packing tonight and i loved her energy. it’s a bit nervous, totally neurotic (she made me smell 5 different perfumes with my eyes closed so I could truly tell which was prettiest) and fabulously excited.

I love the ’2 days before leaving on an adventure’ timeframe, it’s all still ahead …the packing, the adventure and all that anticipation.

oh it’ll be so much fun and I can’t wait to hear all her stories.

i love her. and i will miss her.

and i will look forward to my super cool New Orleans present.

can’t wait;)

December’s my Favourite!

So much happens in December and I LOVE it!

Truly, I love December.

The #1 trick?

Don’t spend what you don’t have.

so simple and so true.

Nobody wants family or friends to go into debt all in the name of a Christmas gift.

(credit card overuse is scarier than Darth Vader walking through my front door in the middle of the night)

Also, and this is very important to me,

I don’t want anyone stressing out about what to get me.

If you see something and it screams Tracy, (like a fully trained boxer puppy with a big red bow) then by all means!

But if it’s Dec. 23 and you have beads of sweat dripping down your forehead because you don’t have a gift…

then friend, go grab a cup of hot chocolate and relax!!

I feel pretty certain that all of the people in my life feel the same way.

I want this month to be lovely, full of friends and great food.

I want to laugh and watch Christmas movies with my family.

I want to put up Christmas lights and decorate our Christmas Tree.

I want to take pictures and bake things.

I want to buy local and I want to buy handmade because people are SO talented!

This month is lovely and beautiful and full of hugs and red bows and visits and

hot chocolate and candles and mitts and laughter and parties and

my birthday and Truck Light Parades.

and here’s a little gem.

and by ‘gem’ I mean 2 mins of me proving I don’t know how to video.

Truck Light Parade

my brother and niece drive by and I get really excited. like… really excited

and I’ll warn you, my voice is horrible.

seriously at one point there’s a high pitched squeal and also my video skills are nil and after all that, you can’t even see my brother.

but it’s still fun!!

 and now it’s time to head outside and put up our Christmas lights!

Mini Sessions are back!!

sound the horns and put your lip gloss on

because mini sessions are back!!

Here are all the details which are meant to be read in one long breath

here goes…

This Sunday November 25/75$/20 minute session/Beacon Hill Park/6 high res photos/weather permitting/from 10am-3:30 every half hour/photos given to you within 10 days/ and I am so excited I don’t know what to do with myself.

and exhale.

you may be asking ‘why mini sessions’ and the answer would be:

they are quick and easy, not as time consuming as a full portrait shoot which is a blessing to busy little kids and grown up husbands and they’re just in time for Christmas AND they’re fun.


well cool, very cool!

Either send me a facebook message or an email at

letting me know what time would be best and I’ll make it happen like a photography ninja.

it’s time for me to go back to editing and enjoying my chai tea latte.

i said yes to ‘whip’ today because, well… tis the season!

2 more days…

in 2 days, it’ll be the American Thanksgiving.

which means, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will be on.

which means, it’s our OFFICIAL start to the holiday season!

woot woot!!

happy dance in my slippers on the kitchen floor.

I know it’s still too early for many people, but in our family,

it’s perfect.


and if I’m going to be 100% honest, I might as well get this out in the open.

brace yourself. (especially you mom)

I’m even ready totally hoping for a bit of this lovely stuff…

Mom - Honey, your desire for snow comes as a complete surprise to me!! xx