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Monthly Archives: January 2011

An eagle, a wharf and just a bunch of nice people…

So you know those times when you wish you had your camera with you to capture some amazing thing that NEVER happens? well I did have my camera, it’s just that it was in the back seat, in my camera bag when this HUGE bald eagle came swooping right in front of our car with […]

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13 again…

Friday came! It really came…. and it makes me happy. I love me a Friday. This is going to be a fun Friday to boot… well, they’re all usually fun but tonight we’re having a movie night for our daughter and her close group of friends that walk home together from school. I love these […]

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Procrastination? Nah, it’s just extreme creativity…

Sometimes it’s hard focusing on just one thing until it’s done. Am I right? I’m a Sagittarius so apparently it’s in my nature to start many things but finish only a few.  I wouldn’t say I’m quite that bad because I do finish most things I start, it’s just that sometimes it’s hard focusing on […]

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Wanna join a Victoria Photo Group? Yes, yes you do.

For anyone interested in photography, no matter your skill level, my biggest advice would be to join a photography group. I take photos alone a lot but that’s because I have the time during the day to get out there and just shoot when others are at work. I much prefer shooting with other people… […]

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A beautiful family shoot along the water

I love Victoria, I love the ocean, I love the breakwater and I LOVE this family. I posted a few shots last week and after a weekend of editing… I’m able to post the rest! Well, I won’t post all of them since I’ve got over 100 but I’ll post some more of my favourites. […]

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Sun, ocean and a whole lotta smiles

I am lucky. Yep, l.u.c.k.y. and I know it. Being out this past weekend and taking family photos for a friend, well, it just lets me know that I am on the right path because I had a blast and could have kept going until dark! They are such a beautiful family. They all probably […]

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