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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Thank you Canadian Weblog Awards!!

Is there anything better than being recognized and appreciated? Right now, at this very moment, I can’t think of anything because I just woke up to the news that my little blog has won 2nd place in the Photography and Art category in the Canadian Weblog Awards!! This is a pretty big deal for a […]

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it just feels right.

yes I know. I totally know. It’s been awhile but you know what? That’s okay because there’s been lots of stuff happening, decisions being made, nerves being fried and at the end of the day, a loving family to take comfort in. There’s a reason why I haven’t posted in a little while… I’ve been […]

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I’m liking this Monday!!

I love Mondays that come with unexpected surprises!! This morning I found out that my blog has been shortlisted for the Canadian Weblog Awards!!! I just think this is the cat’s meow… to be recognized is an amazing feeling and I’ll be crossing my fingers until they announce the winners at the end of the […]

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It’s Friday… true story.

The one thing (besides a full pay check) that rocks about working full time again is that you really truly appreciate Fridays and my oh my It’s Friday!! I’m SO looking forward to this weekend because it’s going to be filled with friends, puppies, family and a little bit of Zumba. ahhhh life is good. […]

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