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A Beautiful Salt Spring Engagement

It was an absolute pleasure spending the day with Danny and Carla last Sunday. After many weekends of rain and plenty of grey skies, we had decided on last Sunday and we were going to go with it, no matter what the weather.

It rained the entire week leading up to the weekend and then on Sunday I woke up to a beautiful clear sky and we spent the whole day with the sun. We actually did it, we picked the perfect sunny day and while it was quite chilly near the water, we could always feel the warmth of the sun.

After a day of laughter, great food and just a lot of fun, Jonathon and I definitely consider Danny and Carla new friends. Their wedding is now just a month away and I can’t wait to capture the special moments throughout that day. Lucky me!

Danny and Carla, thank you for being so much fun, for showing us some beautiful spots on Salt Spring Island and for introducing us to Braveheart and Sophia. They showed us that horses definitely have incredible personalities!

29 days and counting!!

maryana - Love the “kissing” photo!!! a lot! so cute!!!!

Danny - Just wanted to post a quick thank you again for doing this. We have had lots of positive feedback from everyone we have shown. But especially for this one …

Even the place where we had them printed was impressed. So looking forward to having you take our wedding photo’s too :)

Pilar - Tracy! Those photos are amazing!!! What a beautiful place, its just the perfect setting, love is in the air!! love them!

Tracy - Thanks so much Danny!! I had so much fun taking photos of you two… you both are so obviously happy and in love which just made it a blast! Now I can’t wait for the wedding!!

Tracy - Cheryl – thanks friend! They are very happy and we all were laughing through the whole day! The scenery was gorgeous, Jonathon and I will definitely heading back to explore more :)

Danny - Tracy did an amazing job. She made us both feel relaxed and at ease with the whole process. The results show that as well. We were very fortunate to be able to have these taken for us by her and there are lots of beautiful photo’s from the day to remember :)

Cheryl - Great photos Tracy! What a cute couple – they look so happy. Lovely horses – and the scenery makes me want to go there again soon.

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