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three cheers for emma!

undefinedThere are a lot of emotions you have when you’re a parent but the one I’m rocking out right now is pure pride. I love my kid, that goes without saying. I also really like her and I would definitely want to be her friend if we were the same age. She’s loving and caring and loyal and trustworthy. She’s just all around a great kid and I’ve been proud of her since she was born.

This is a new kind of pride, it’s beaming and humungous.

Emma is doing the 30 hour famine, it started last night at 10pm so when she woke up this morning I joked that the hardest part was over. if only.

I asked her why she was doing this, depriving herself of food for 30 hours and she said something like ‘to help people who are starving all the time’. So she did the very uncomfortable ‘calling family and friends for donations’ thang and even though she would get all nervous at the part where she had to bring up the ‘please donate money’ part, she did it.

A few days ago she skipped her snack between breakfast and lunch, just to see how it felt. She wasn’t a fan. She said she almost died of hunger. i love her dramaticalness. Her biggest worry is that her stomach will be growling loudly like the MGM Lion before a movie starts. I told her that other kids will be going through the same thing… it will be like a choir of bellies. she didn’t laugh. i think it’s because she thinks hers will be the only grumbling tummy. she’ll learn shortly that everyone’s belly sings a hunger song when it’s empty.

She understands that not eating isn’t healthy, it’s bad for you and that’s the whole point. She’ll have lots of friends at school who are going through the same thing and they get to hang out together in a big slumber party overnight. and I am in no way dancing a happy dance because it means i can eat freely tonight with no guilt. no way… i just wouldn’t do that.

So today and tonight, when I’m eating, I am going to be thoughtful and thankful. I will spend time thinking about the people in our world who don’t have enough to eat. these people are very far away and very close to home. they are adults and children and they need help and this is the perfect time to think about how i can help.

be thankful and be thoughtful.


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Tracy - Wow you guys… thanks so much! She had to hand in the donations today but I’m sure there’s a website where a donation can be made online. I’ll look into this and let you know when I have more info!! Thanks again, she’ll be so excited!

Michelle - Hi Tracy, I too would love to make a donation. Please have Emma let us know how to do this. You have an amazing daughter, she certainly gives you a lot to be proud of. Michelle

Jessica Jefferson - Wow, she is really something! What a special girl you have there Tracy. Tell Emma I’m very proud of her and her friends for what they are doing and the awareness they are bringing to hunger around the world. I would love to make a donation so please have her tell me where this can be done. Cheers! Jess

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