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I’m glad I have a pink umbrella

It’s true friends.

It’s raining and it’s also true that it’s the middle of July and I’m writing this under a fleece blanket trying to warm my cold toes.

It’s also cool. not cold, just cool. We won’t be needing sunscreen today, maybe just a sweater and a pretty pink umbrella.

Many people are complaining about it and really… I don’t blame them because it is a little unreal.

But I’m not going to complain because even though it’s raining and cool and grey and looks more like November than July… I still think we’re truly lucky. Lucky because we don’t get tornadoes or hurricanes or deadly heat waves. We also don’t get gross humidity or black flies or crazy bands of mosquitoes.

But we get rain. and I am okay with that because it means our forest fire risk is low and that’s good news because last year was bad for fires. Thankfully, that was last year.

And the rain won’t last forever… just for the next week or so: check out the forecast , we just have to make it to next week.

It might just be the perfect kind of day to take my kid to an IMAX double feature, or work on my new website or get my paintings back up on Etsy or even do laundry. possibly even all of the above… as long as there’s popcorn involved:)


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Tracy - Thanks friend!! That’s the very good thing about rainy days, my productivity level goes waaaaaay up :)

Nichole Taylor - Tracy, these photos rock just like you! I’m with you… a little rain just makes me feel like I’m not missing too much when I am sitting inside editing! :)

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