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a good sign

goals. They can be exciting and scary and overwhelming and frustrating and completely worthwhile. They can also drive me crazy sometimes. Although when I think about it, I might want to disagree because it’s not the goal itself that can drive me crazy, it’s the fact that it can take me forever to reach it. That’s not the goal’s fault… it’s mine.

The big goal I’ve been working on (or putting off) for far too long is getting my website finished so I can publish it. My initial goal was to have it completed by February when we went to the photography convention in Las Vegas. That came and went with no website. I’ve been working on it here and there since then but there’s still lots to do.

so that’s what I’ll be focused on until…. well, until it’s done. I need to get this website finished because people need a beautiful place to view my photos. My blog has been wonderful and I truly love it because it gives me an opportunity to share my personality along with my photos but I think the missing part of the puzzle is the professional side. I need a space that can balance out my personal side with my professional side and I know my website will do just that.

so why haven’t I just finished it? I know what to do and what it takes. I wonder if maybe somewhere deep down, it’s all too scary or something. because as soon as the website is out… I’ll truly be out there, selling my photography skills as a business. eeek.

like I said, scary and overwhelming and exciting and completely worthwhile.

so it’s my time to buckle down and focus on this website because it’s going to be oh so pretty and perfectly simple to use and I can’t wait to share it.

okay good, I’m starting to feel excited about it being finished and out there.

and that’s a really good sign.

Here is another view from the top of Mt. Doug. It’s definitely worth the short hike up!


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Tracy - Thanks so much!! It is very exciting and I know that once it’s actually out there… there will be relief :) I just took a look at your website and it’s lovely… good for you!! Motivation for me to keep going and finish it!!

Becs - How exciting! I finished my website not long ago and was so happy with how it turned out. It did take me a long time to get it done. I don’t remember being scared to get my website up but I was terrified to activate my facebook photography account. A lot of my friends had no idea I was pursuing photography and I was so scared to put myself out there. Everything turned out ok though and it will for you. Good luck! :)

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