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Goal 2… check!

I am busting with positivity today and looking so forward to this weekend. why you ask? Well I am second shooting a wedding this weekend with Nichole Taylor and I just can’t wait!

I’ll try to not get all mushy gushy and stuff but it’ll be hard. because, it will be a very big goal I have reached. wahooooooo… time to do the robot.

when I decided to jump into this new career and follow my photography passion, I had goals. it only makes sense, you need goals. If you didn’t have goals how would you know when to celebrate? Two of my (many) goals were to connect with local photographers and to second shoot for them. I have definitely connected with other photographers and I am SO thankful for that because they are fantastic and supportive and very very smart and just really nice to be around.

Goal 1: check √  So goal 1 led to goal 2 which is to second shoot and now I get that chance which will lead to other chances and more experience and lots more dancing the robot in celebration.

I was sent an email about a month ago from a man who thanked me for sharing my new photography adventure as he really wants to follow his passion as well. He asked me what my advice would be. Oh panic, at first I didn’t know what to say because most of the time I feel like I’m winging it and not really sure what to do next. but then I thought about it a little longer and I remembered that I did have and do have goals and that I took steps to get myself out there and I got uncomfortable and I truly believe most of the things that will help you get further will (at first) be uncomfortable. but it will be worth it.

So I gathered my thoughts and suggested that he think of things he could do to get him closer to his passion. it may be courses or workshops or finding a group of people who do the same thing, and if he can’t find a group then why not take the lead and create one! Chances are, if one person is interested in something… there are many others out there who would be interested as well.

and for the record, there are some goals that I haven’t reached yet but that’s okay because I’m still working on them. My initial goal was to have my website finished by last February…. oops. But I’m working on it again and it’s getting closer and closer and I hope to have it ready very soon and definitely by next February:)

So if you’re thinking about following a passion and it seems crazy and scary and a whole lot of fun…. start by making goals and thinking about how you can get yourself closer to your passion. get uncomfortable because chances are, it’ll be well worth it!

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Tracy - You ladies are wonderful!!! Thank you for the sweet messages :)

Tammy - Congratulations, Tracy!!! I sure admire you for following your dreams. Feels great to check things off that ‘goal list’ doesn’t it! big high five for you!!

Nichole Taylor - I heart ya girl! Can’t wait for the weekend so we can get our creative on together.

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