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My new love affair with iCal

I have discovered that I am in love with my iCal. LOVE IT. I spent time a couple of weeks ago, organizing it and making it my own. You should have seen me, I was adding calendars and changing colours right left and centre. Home items are still blue, Photography is hot pink and there’s purple and orange and pale yellow in there as well. I feel like this will help me organize my days and weeks and months with ease. ease rocks.

This love affair with my calendar all started because of a fabulous blog that I follow: Kara Layne Photography. It was just a little post about prioritizing and scheduling your day. breaks and all. This absolutely resonated with me because up until now I feel like I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants. I just go with it, wing it and hope for the best. And I always seem to get by but it can be better… I can be better. and as I was reading her simple post I knew that this little step has big potential.

Here is what my day looks like today…

Certainly not the most exciting day I’ve had but at least I know what lies ahead and that by the end of the day… it will all be done.

I think one of the main reasons I love this so much is that I can add things from my laptop, the main computer and also my ipod and it all gets updated to the same place. You can also print out your calendar and stick it on the fridge if needed. oh so great.

So if you have iCal on your computer already but haven’t used it yet, start now. and once you’ve set it up the way you want, you will love it and you will do a happy dance and probably want to hug me in thanks.

If you’re not quite sure where to begin, I recommend going HERE because it explains everything you’ll ever need to do in iCal and if there’s anything I can help you with just let me know!

And in the interest of keeping it real… sometimes I change it up as I go because stuff happens, life happens which can mix it all up and turn it upside down and I’m okay with that because anything that doesn’t get done today can just be added to tomorrow. easy peazy lemon squeezy.


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Nichole Taylor - I should have been specific to me :) I know not everyone feels like that. I am prone to self doubt. Yay!

Tracy - colour coding is the bee’s knees!!!

Tracy - That’s what’s so great about it… so easily updated and changed when it’s necessary. If it doesn’t get done today… add it to tomorrow or the next day or next month :) I don’t feel like a failure when something didn’t get done. I still feel relief because the task itself won’t be forgotten because it’s still noted so it will still get done… eventually :)

Nichole Taylor - I agree. For any PC users out there reading, I use google calendar so I can access it from any computer, and it is synched to my iPhone. So no matter where I am I can see what’s next and add new appts. BUT I should start using it more like this… scheduling my whole day instead of appts. But it has to be flexible, or risk feeling like a failure when something unexpected comes up and has to be dealt with, so not all tasks get done.

Natalie - iCal is great! I normally updated it on my iPhone and just sync it to my computer, but it’s so much easier than carrying a daytimer!

Mine is colour coded, just like my outlook calendar at work..where I have about 15 colour codes and four calendars!

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