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Oh how I love a Dinner Cruise!

Get ready for a lot of photos! I was thrilled to help out on this Dinner Cruise which was auctioned off to support the charity Power To Be. I had the pleasure of photographing the evening so the guests can remember every detail. I was also lucky enough to help out my friend Cheryl in the galley. I love watching Cheryl cook, she always has a smile on her face and loves every minute in the kitchen… no cookbook required. She was brilliant and the food was Amazing. with a capital A.

You know it’s been a fantastic night when it ends with a big time high five…

I loved being on the sailboat and would absolutely jump at the chance to do it again. Thank you Cheryl for asking me to be a part of it and I’ll be crossing my fingers that we do the same thing next year!!

You can check out Cheryl’s blog post about the dinner cruise HERE.

It’s cloudy and wet outside… a perfect chance to stay indoors and get lots of work done. That’s how I’ll be spending my day… how will you be spending yours?


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Elizabeth McClung - Interesting and amazing photos. I honestly didn’t recognize my own city. I had to be sure your earlier post about Victoria wasn’t a vacation. There is wonder, but also horror and distance, like seeing a city of the dead. I respect your skill and craft, learning and dedication. We both live here, and maybe that is how you see Victoria, I look at the empress and remember the woman at the top level, the last resident from the residential rentals in the Empress, or how the staff told the Heavyweight Champion of the World, Johnson that he couldn’t have a room because he was black and his wife was white (nor did the other 4 main hotels). Or how the parliment got tired of people climbing up and unscrewing the antique light bulbs. Or the huballo when a protest charged parliment and knocked down the ‘security’ which was a man in his 60′s. The dumping of 2 tonnes of cow shit, the thousands of loggers on the law or blocking the roads, the naked cyclists, they all are just…well, Victoria but knocking down someone during a protest, that just isn’t on. I keep leaving here, and ten years later come back to find it all the same, but on thing undersea gardens has NEVER been is photogenic. Thank you for a different view of Victoria.

Tracy - YOU are so sweet :) Thanks Stasia!! And yes… Cheryl’s food was as amazing as it looks!!

Stasia - Beautiful pics, as always, Tracy. Cheryl, the food looked amazing and my favorite picture is the one of the steaming hot pasta(?) dish. It actually made me hungry just now!

Cheryl - The pics look so good on your blog! Loved that night. i had so much fun with you – hopefully we can do that again. Loves.

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