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a little bit of music and whole lot of editing…

Well I have been b.u.s.y. like the kind of busy that makes the dishes pile up, the laundry hamper overflow and it has left me with very little time to blog over these last few days.

Today is just as busy but I had to take a moment to tell you how FANTASTIC our Mini Sessions were… all I can say is that every one who came out was SO much fun!! And the kids… oh the kids. The kids were so sweet and seriously the cuteness was overwhelming.

Nichole and I had a blast from start to finish and I think she should become a meteorologist because she somehow picked THE most amazing day, it was gorgeous out! The sun was shining the entire day and Jonathon and I even got matching sunburns on our cheeks!!

Nichole, thank you for sharing your idea with me and for wanting me to be a part of it with you, I had so much fun and loved every minute of it and we will definitely have to do this again!!

And thank you to Jonathon, I’ve got to say that you are the BEST money taker, receipt writer, time watcher, dog watcher and client checker inner that we could ever have. Thank you for spending your Sunday helping us out!!

Okay friends, it’s time for me to turn the music up and get back to my editing…

Happy Wednesday!!

Nichole Taylor - I agree! I still have a toothache from all the sweetness! :D
And my big thanks to you as well and Jonathon. Two people who are absolutely delightful to spend a photography day with. ;)

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