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Happy Hallowe’en!

October has been one of the busiest months for me… looking back on my calendar almost every day has been filled with life and work.  It’s been fun and kind of a whirlwind and there’s a big part of me that’s looking forward to the empty spaces on November’s calendar. But that’s tomorrow and not today because today is busy busy busy. My sister in law is picking me up shortly (which is just one of the many reasons I love her) and we’re heading to help my mom move to her lovely new place. She’s beyond excited for her new view of the city and the amazing light that will fill her days.

November will be a better blogging month for me because I have stories to tell and photos to share and I will have way WAY more time.

But before November starts, let’s enjoy this one last day of October! Tonight will be the first Halloween that both Jonathon and I will be home together to hand out candy to the witches, the super heroes and of course, the Harry Potter’s. Love seeing the little goblins in their costumes!!

Happy Hallowe’en Everyone!!!

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