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Mini Sessions

When Nichole Taylor told me she had an idea… I knew it was going to be good. She asked if I’d be interested in organizing a day of mini sessions with her and it was an immediate yes from me.

20 minute sessions in a beautiful location… what a brilliant idea! It’s a perfect amount of time for anyone with kids (or ansy husbands) because it’s quick enough that no one has the chance to get bored or restless:)

As beautiful as the location was and as perfect as the weather was… my favourite part of the day was definitely the people. Everyone did amazing and I had a blast with each one of you who came out!

This is what a day of mini sessions looks like from my perspective…

I definitely want to do this again… hmmmm maybe in the Spring!

Okay friends I’ve got a busy Monday filled with photography and art. Yep, art. I’ve got a home made Christmas present idea that I want to start for my Emma and yes, I DID just write that in hopes it drives her craaaaaaazy with curiosity:D

Happy Monday!!


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Tracy - Thanks Cheryl!! It was so much fun… you’ll have to be a part of it next time!! :)

Cheryl - Those are all so great!!! What an awesome idea.

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