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Day 1: Thankfulness

So looking back on my blog, I’ve talked a lot about what I’m thankful for. aaaaaaand that’s not going to stop anytime soon. I like to be thankful, I like actually seeing what I’m thankful for written out on paper or on the computer. It’s a pretty cool thing and I am definitely not the only one who likes to be thankful as this being the week of American Thanksgiving I’ve already come across a couple of blogs that are talking about the same thing…. thankfulness. You can check out one of them HERE.

So after reading what others are thankful for, I had to dig in and start my own list. again.

Each day this week I am writing down the things that I am thankful for. I’m guessing that some will be serious and obvious and others will be fun and surprising.

So here is Day 1 of what I am thankful for:

~ the two people who share my heart and my bathroom, my daughter and my husband. I am truly blessed in this department and know it.

~ my new niece, Isla… can’t wait to smell her little head

~ my camera. for freezing moments in time.

~ my laptop. for SO many reasons but lately it’s because of how easy it is to stay in touch with family and friends so far away.

~ chamomile tea

~ a cozy warm house

~ outsourcing. because paying someone else (Emma) to clean things I don’t want to (the bathroom) is worth every cent.

~ the end of daylight savings time. Whaaaaaat? I’m serious, while others are complaining about it being dark early, I am thankful because it means my husband will not be working too late on a job in the field because there’s just not enough light. and having him home for supper is everything.

~ candles. such beautiful soft pretty light when it’s so dark outside.

~ hot bubble baths… for cold toes.

I realize it may not be exciting to read about someone else’s thankfulness but I hope that it will make you think about what you have in your life to be thankful for.


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