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Day 5: Thankfulness

WOW. That was some kind of storm last night, crazy high winds and a solid sheet of rain all night… it made for a cozy night inside. And now this morning, it’s so calm and bright and the sun is about ready to make an appearance so I’ll be heading outside to enjoy it.

Today I am thankful for:

~ the sun! Now don’t get me wrong because I LOVE a good storm, but after a few days of high winds and heavy rain it’s nice to know that the sun is still there and there’s nothing better than soaking up some vitamin D (that isn’t from a bottle)

~ Fridays! oh yes dear friend… you are loved and appreciated. Friday nights are my favourite because the whole weekend is still ahead and I have everyone at home with me and I like that. a lot.

~ nutmeg… my scooter. She’s the best and she’s been a trooper in this cold weather. as long as I let her warm up a bit before we leave she’s all good. she’s cute, she’s fun and she makes parallel parking a breeze!!;)

~ my clients. It still amazes me that I have found this career which I love and that people love my work. nothing beats that and it makes me so excited for whatever lies ahead.

~ the fact that most of my Christmas shopping is done. Yep. d.o.n.e. I didn’t have a lot to do this year but the people I do have are pretty much finished and that feels great. I know it may seem early but I started in early November because I had ideas early on and I didn’t want that feeling of stress and panic as it got closer to Christmas if I wasn’t done and we’re going away this year so how nice that I can just relax and the last few things are just the fun little things anyway.

~ the fact that blog writing is more like a conversation rather than an essay so I don’t worry as much about proper punctuation or run on sentences because I write it how I would speak it… which is really lucky because I’d surely fail if I was being marked:)

~ I am thankful that we all had a bit of extra time this morning to just stay cozy in bed before getting up…

~ Pili. She makes me laugh, she’s so thoughtful and she shares my love for Twilight and Hanson and she understands my love for el número ocho.

Time to head out for some good conversation with my photog friends now so Happy Friday everyone and I hope you all get to enjoy this sunshine!!!


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Auntie Sue - I know I just read Day 5 thankfulness and the above says day 4 thankfulness but I am just letting you know I am loving your thankfulness sharing. I do know I am thankful for a niece who is as awesome as you! xo

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