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Day 7: Thankfulness

Wow… after this weekend I could do a thankfulness post every day for the rest of ever. Focusing of what I have to be thankful for has made me feel like the luckiest girl in the world and I think it also helps to put everything in perspective. Don’t waste time worrying about the things that don’t matter, focus on the people in your life, who make you feel thankful. I have many of them and most of them were unexpectedly with me on Saturday night.

After catching the beginning of the Santa Claus Parade we went to Jonathon’s work Christmas party on Saturday night. It was fabulous, we sat by people who talked travel with us… which we love! The food was fantastic, the dessert was amazing and when we left, I thought we were heading to the end of our night… but we weren’t.

My brother had called at the last minute explaining that he and Amanda were going out for a few drinks to the Bard & Banker pub and wondered if we’d want to join them after the Christmas Party. I loved the idea so when we left the party we headed to the pub.

When we got there, I pretty much just followed behind Jonathon and we went upstairs and when I lifted my head and saw my brother waving through a ton of people. I wasn’t sure how we’d get through all the people so I planned on walking behind Jonathon since he’s big enough to clear the way. What I didn’t notice right away is that all the people who were in our way were my friends and family. Since I had seen my brother’s face, I didn’t really look at anyone else because I wasn’t expecting anyone else so when someone in front of me yelled ‘Tracy Surprise, Happy Birthday!!’ and everyone started singing, I realized that I had just walked into my very own and first ever, Surprise Birthday Party!!! I couldn’t even believe it. It was a dream.

I had no idea, not even a clue and trust me, I’m always looking for clues but the fact that it wasn’t even December yet I wasn’t even looking for clues since my birthday isn’t until December 17. What a fabulous surprise and it was so great going through and hugging each person. Everyone was there for me, to help me celebrate a very special birthday.

So today, the last of my Thankfulness series, I am thankful for:

~ my husband. He put together a perfect night just for me and I now have this amazing memory for the rest of my life. He has made me feel so loved and so special and I am thankful for him every minute of every day.

~ my daughter. For understanding the reason Jonathon had to plan the party at a pub… and still being so excited for me even though she couldn’t be there. You will be with me on my actual birthday Sweetie and I can’t wait to celebrate with you!!

~ my brother. I can’t even imagine my life without my brother. He makes me happy, makes me laugh, grosses me out more than anyone else in this world, has the biggest heart and a whole lot of chickens. I am so lucky that he’s MY brother and I’m thankful he’s in my life in such a big way.

~ my mom. Being loved unconditionally is the greatest gift a mom can give and just one of the many reasons I am so thankful to have her in my life.

~ my sister in law Amanda. She came home that afternoon, after a crazy Black Friday shopping trip to the States, to celebrate with us. I can’t even imagine how tired she was but there she was with her bright smiling face. ahhhh thankful.

~ my sister. Her smiling face was the biggest surprise and I am so thankful she was able to come from Vancouver to celebrate with us. I adore her and I love the fact that while we didn’t grow up together we have SO many things in common.

~ my cousin Ronnie who took time away from his beautiful baby to be with me. How sweet is that? Because seriously people, his baby is SOOOO cute:)

~ all my friends who were with me that night, I am thankful for each and every one of you!

It’s not the things you have in your life that make it special, it’s the people you share your life with that make it special.

So maybe take some time to think about what you have in your life, or who you have in your life, to be thankful for. It feels good.

trust me.


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