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I’m liking this Monday!!

I love Mondays that come with unexpected surprises!! This morning I found out that my blog has been shortlisted for the Canadian Weblog Awards!!! I just think this is the cat’s meow… to be recognized is an amazing feeling and I’ll be crossing my fingers until they announce the winners at the end of the month.

And that’s not the only excitement in my neck of the woods… it snowed last night!! And thankfully there isn’t a breeze to be found so all the branches are still covered in white, it looks beautiful. It wasn’t very much but enough to blanket everything in white. It’s supposed to snow this afternoon just a bit and right now, it’s calling for up to 25cm on Wednesday!! I actually don’t want ‘just a little bit’ of snow, if it’s going to snow I want it to be a HUGE blizzard that shuts the whole city down for a couple of days (like the Blizzard of ’96)

For all you photography lovers, I say get out and get snapping!! It’s so pretty outside so definitely take advantage of it while it’s here. I haven’t gone outside yet but I decided to share this picture from our visit to Guelph, Ontario. Jonathon went to the University here and wanted to show us around and this was the first day we had snow while we were there. It was beautiful. This shot was taken when it has just started snowing and I LOVE it.

I decided to make it black and white because it’s more punchy and the unimportant things are less distracting. I think it also helps to create the mood and gives you the sense of how cold it was. it was cold. C.O.L.D. Plus I love the leading lines the streetlights and the line of trees create and the lines of snow on the path, you can see that it’s just a light dusting at this point. All of these things are much easier to see in black and white and create a much stronger feeling.

but really… what do I know? I just like it and in the end, that’s all that matters.

Happy Monday Friends!


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