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A January Wind Storm

Hey, Happy February everyone! What a gorgeous day it is too, the sun is streaming into my living room and it’s making me want to get stuff done.

So the first thing I did was go through and pick a few of my favourite shots from January’s wind storm. What an awesome storm that was, such a crazy crazy wind, so strong that it knocked our neighbours fence down and many trees which caused mass power outages. But it was still super cool…

I love this shot Emma got of me bracing myself against the wind. It was so powerful and strong enough to push you around and make you lose your balance if you weren’t careful.

I also took some videos which you can see HERE, now if you watch them please remember, I am not a videographer. not even ‘sort of’ so they’re pretty shaky but they give you a great idea of how powerful the wind was. pretty much by the sound of the wind which is deafening so you may want to turn your volume down a bit:)

We love a good storm around here so we’re already looking forward to the next one!!

Enjoy your first day of February friends!

Courtney Clarke - WOW!!! The photo of Jonathon and Emma leaning into the wind is awesome! So crazy!!!

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