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the plant is dead. d.e.a.d.

okay so I didn’t fully complete my goal for yesterday. I didn’t un-clutter every room and I didn’t go for a walk either. but I did finish our bedroom which is now so clear and open and the lovely little plant that’s on my dresser is no longer hidden under a pile of ‘everything and nothing all at once’ *see photo below.

oh and I also cleaned our mirror which felt kinda like a crime scene it was so dirty. ¬†feels so good now, walking into our room and just seeing everything we love, the pictures, the art, the plants, our favourite blanket… and not seeing the distracting things, like clutter and piles of stuff.

Today will be focusing on room #2. The dining room. There are two main distractions in this area, a dead plant in the corner and a table full of ‘everything that doesn’t have a home and lots of stuff that do have homes but haven’t found their way back yet‘. Seriously, this is the dumping ground for laziness.

I wish I could say that this plant JUST died, but I can’t. It’s been like this since last summer. I think I kept hoping it would bounce back. it hasn’t yet. *hangs head down in shame. So I think it’s time to chuck the old plant and look for a new one don’t ya think?

I really can’t believe I just took some pictures of my MESS!!! Am I crazy? No, but I think sometimes seeing other peoples messes and then their improvements can be inspiring. and just to keep it real, I realize this table mess isn’t huge and that it will likely take me 20 mins to tidy but the fact is, it’s been like this forever, albeit an always changing kinda mess but it’s always there and it’s time to clear it up.

So Be Inspired OK!!!


Cheryl - My table looks like that too during the week. Not sure why – it’s probably b/c it’s a convenient height to put stuff on.

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