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A tidy table and a $25 mistake

I’d consider yesterday a success! I cleared the clutter from the dining room and got a new plant and switched up some art on my walls. Here’s what our dining room table looks like now:

So clean we could eat off of it! So much better and it really didn’t take me that long. I got the plant from the Thrifty’s Flower Shop next door. It costs way more than the plants they sell at Zellers or Walmart but it’s worth it to me. It was grown in a local greenhouse in Saanichton and it is beautiful. Thankful it does well in lower light spots because even though it’s in a room with a window facing South, it’s in the far back corner and will not get any sunlight.

The plant lady actually told me to ‘develop a relationship with my plant’ when I had asked her how often to water it. ?

She said she couldn’t tell me how often to water it b/c she doesn’t know the conditions of my home but she did say ‘don’t just water it once a week and think it’s going to survive, because it won’t’.


I totally water my plants once a week… Mondays.

Not my orchid though, it said to specifically water every 20-25 days. I should probably be putting a reminder in my calendar or something but that seems like a lot of work so I ‘wing it’. and so far so good…

oh ya, remember that canvas I had finished (happily ever after) a few days ago and was so excited about and couldn’t wait to get it up on my wall?

I HATE it.

After I put it up and loved it for about 25 mins I realized how horrible it was and wasn’t the look I was going for at all. big time fail.

I’m glad I tried it though because I do still want something similar, just a much smaller version with letters (in a prettier font) that don’t make me want to scratch my eyes out. I can’t even stand to look at it so it’s now downstairs hiding.

Thankfully I had a painting that I love, hiding out downstairs, so I switched them up and now I can sit in our living room and be happy with the world and know that there is nothing ugly on our walls. *sigh*

So it’s okay to fail or make a mistake because hey, we’re only human right? I’m just glad this mistake only cost me $25 for the wooden letters.

My husband I know this guy, he’s a goalie and one time he bought a new piece of hockey equipment that was hundreds of dollars. Turned out, he didn’t like it. it didn’t fit or feel right. That was an expensive mistake but thankfully this guy has an amazingly supportive and loving wife who understood that when you’re a goalie, you need to feel good in your equipment and more than anything…trust it.

I’m going to keep un-cluttering and head to the kitchen where we have a fridge that’s filled with things I can’t even recognize now. Is that left over pasta or soup? bad sign.

I’m also going to enjoy Pinterest again today. I am still so much in love with it and I love seeing all these things in one place that I think are beautiful.

If you want to see my boards, go here: Tracy’s Pinterest and if you want, share your pinterest link below in the comments section… I’d love to take a look at what your beautiful looks like!

Tracy - It’s the orchid you gave me… and it’s still alive!! :)

Cheryl - Is that the orchid that I gave you? Or is that a new one?

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