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One final Venice Post… just because.

I had a fabulous weekend, I had my very first Maternity/Family shoot and it was so much fun! What a beautiful family they were with the sweetest little 2 year old. I will be posting photos later this week.

Today, I’ve posted the last of our Venice photos. I definitely want to go back to Venice, especially after looking at all the photos again. This city is so beautiful during the day and even more so at night. Whether it’s the lights reflecting on the canals or the warm lights coming from the restaurants and streets, it’s all beautiful and so inviting.

Ummm, YUM!

Just in case you can’t read the prices listed, the purse is 800 Euros and the shoes are 700 Euros!! A little pricey for me so I kept wearing my 5.00 flip flops and was quite happy.

Venice is known for their masks and they are everywhere. There are really cheap touristy ones and then there are incredible works of art.

These steps were going across the Rialto Bridge and the next photo is the view from the top. This was a great spot to people watch and just enjoy the atmosphere.

Oh this is Jonathon at his happiest, the size of this beer rivals the ‘boot of beer’ he had in Greece, it was humungous!! It took awhile but in the end, he had no problem finishing it with a big smile on his face…

Here is a night view from the Rialto Bridge…

While I was setting up my camera on the tripod to take some long exposure night shots, two guys came up to me and said in broken English, you take our picture with you. With their thick Italian accents… how could I resist?

So Jonathon got the camera ready and then all of a sudden the rest of their group of Italian guys visiting Venice came running up to us to be in the picture. It started with just the two on either side of me and suddenly grew. They gave me their email address and once we got home I sent them the picture and they loved it. They said how much they loved that I was going for a really cool moody effect…. I guess I should have explained that I simply forgot to change the settings from taking a long exposure shot;)I love this picture because it was such a random moment that ended up being a really great memory!

I’m ending with this shot because this really is Venice to me, actually it’s all of Italy. Everywhere you look, in the richer areas as well as the poorer areas, laundry is hung out to dry. Most people don’t have dryers and this is just part of their everyday life. There were some rules we came across for instance, in Bologna, on one of the main streets you were only able to hang your laundry on the back of the building so as to not ruin the beauty of the front. I don’t think it ruins any beauty, in fact I find it charming and how great it must be for the environment to not have dryers soaking up so much energy all the time.

Later this week I’ll post the photos from our last two cities we visited in Italy, Bologna and Verona, the birthplace of Romeo and Juliet. Oh to be in Italy again…*sigh*

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