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Family Photos of Robbin, Jason and Hannah

Robbin and Jason are such a sweet couple and I’m so happy to post some more photos from their family session. Because the weather was being a bit difficult we had to find a warm place to go, so we headed inside one of the buildings on the UVIC campus.

I love love love this one! I loved how Jason just automatically put his hand on Robbin’s belly, no one asked him, it was just instinctive. How beautiful is that?

and here’s that sweet little face again. I just want to kiss her cheeks!

As you can see, this little girl is very much loved…

Hannah’s little giggle is very infectious and I’m sure she’ll have the biggest smile once the baby comes. I know they’re all ready to meet the little one. The baby feels differently though as he or she is still snug inside the belly but any day now things will change…

Thank you again Robbin, Jason and Hannah, it was such a pleasure spending time with you all and I truly look forward to meeting the newest member!!

Tracy - Thanks so much Tina!! It’s really to hear that and sure helps me to keep motivated :)

Tina - These are amazing pictures Tracy – you’re doing a wonderful job!! I just love the pix of the little sweetie, so cute!

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