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A peek at our Wedding Day

January is off to a great start. I’ve continued with my goal of ‘just getting things done’ rather than thinking about how much I need to do them. This means that I woke up to a clean house this morning and that feels fantastic! It seems that the more I actually get stuff done, the more I want to get stuff done, which makes it much easier to not procrastinate.

One of the things I’ve wanted to do for awhile is post some wedding pictures. I’ve posted a ton of honeymoon shots and still have more to go! But haven’t posted any wedding ones. We really wanted our wedding photos to be outside and thankfully, even though we got married smack dab in the middle of the rainy season known as Spring, we had beautiful weather. It was cool but bright and sunny and perfect for outdoor shots.

Our Wedding Photographer was Keri Coles and we just loved her!! We have so many favourite shots from that day but here are just two. The first one was taken in front of the waterfall at the Olympic View Golf Course and the other one is at Witty’s Lagoon…

Time to do some work stuff… I have editing and planning to do so I guess it’s time to get my favourite cup of tea ready and just do it!

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