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Bologna, Italy

It’s raining outside. pouring down solid. and because of this, well I’ve gone back to honeymoon photos to see the blue sky and happy smiles.

We had just one day in Bologna and lucky for us, we had the pleasure of being shown around by Luca, a local. Jonathon met Luca while studying in Iceland and they’ve kept in touch ever since. I was so happy to have had the chance to meet him and I can’t tell you how fabulous it was to have the inside scoop on this lovely city.

Our first trek was up beautiful hill and once we were at the top we were spoiled with an incredible view of the Santuario della Madonna di S. Luca. Worth every sweaty step.

Luca knows everything about where he comes from and I was so impressed. I know nothing about Canada, I mean, I’m sure deep down I could find some helpful information but sometimes it feels like the only help I could be to a visitor is to point them in the right direction. The Empress is that way and the ferry is that way…. oh so helpful.

Luca’s knowledge helped paint a picture of what life was like many years ago in Bologna and I only wish I remembered everything he told us. I do remember a couple of interesting things. These towers were built and lived in by wealthy families and each one wanted their tower to be the tallest, to show how important they were in their area. There were quite a few towers around the city…

I believe these are the Asinelli and Garisenda Towers:

He also explained these markings on the side of a building in the Piazza Maggiore. I would have absolutely missed this if it wasn’t pointed out to me. I’m not sure how long ago but let’s just say in the olden days they had a public market in this square and these wall markings were a way for people to measure items, such as fabrics. Cool right?

The church below is only half fancy because when they got to the top of the fancy part.. well, they ran out of money so they finished it the cheap way.

Bologna had a few canals, not quite the same as in Venice but still very cool.

We drove out of the city to have lunch at the most beautiful little restaurant. It was filled with locals, yes, we were the only tourists. Before taking just a couple of shots I asked Luca if it would embarrass him beyond belief if I pulled my camera out. He was so sweet and lied and said not at all. I only took a couple and they’re terrible but I was a little embarrassed myself but figured what the heck…

There was no menu, there were a few choices but everybody pretty much was served the same food and it was delicious. They brought us a lovely selection of meats that I stayed very far away from… although at Emma’s request (before we left) I did try the prosciutto and it was better than I thought. But nothing compared to the bread below, it was different then the bread in Cinque Terre but just as delicious. I could have eaten every piece but since I’m a lady I did not. I must go back for this bread. I would marry it.

There was a beautiful little vineyard behind the restaurant as they make their own wine. lovely lovely wine.

Please know that Luca explained everything in such detail with his beautiful Italian accent that there’s no way I can bring the same charm and interest but just trust me when I say, if you have a chance to visit Bologna… do it! Here’s our tour guide and friend… thanks for everything Luca!!

and here we are… just about to get on our train to Venice. I know, I already posted the Venice shots so Bologna should have come first… not sure why I didn’t do it in order but let’s just go with it!

So there is only one more Italian city we visited before heading to Slovenia and Croatia and that’s Verona and those photos should be posted by the weekend.

I just looked out my window and it’s still raining so it doesn’t look like it’s going to let up. This means, it’s time to head outside for my walk/run. Maybe today’s walk will have a bit more run in it. Here’s hoping!!

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