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Procrastination? Nah, it’s just extreme creativity…

Sometimes it’s hard focusing on just one thing until it’s done. Am I right?

I’m a Sagittarius so apparently it’s in my nature to start many things but finish only a few.  I wouldn’t say I’m quite that bad because I do finish most things I start, it’s just that sometimes it’s hard focusing on just that one thing without starting another before it’s done.

welcome to my life.

My blog, it’s done. I love it and I’m having a blast sharing it with all of you. feeling relieved, feeling proud. good feeling.

Not so good feeling?

Knowing I need to finish creating my website but then also knowing I haven’t even looked at it since November. of last year. *fainted… gracefully*

And even as I sit here typing, I know that today will not be the day I go back to it because I can’t stop thinking about something completely different. Something fun and separate from my photography.

I paint and I love it. I’ve been quite successful with selling my art work and have thought about ways to get it online and reach a wider audience. So instead of doing what I should (work on my website) I’ve been thinking about opening an online shop on Etsy for my paintings. So excited about this and not just because it’s taking the attention off the website for awhile but because I’ve wanted a place to share my art for awhile but hadn’t come across anything that seemed to work for me. Then I looked into Etsy a bit more and it couldn’t be more perfect.

So instead of buckling down and finishing what I’ve started with my website, I’ve been photographing my art work, thinking about shipping terms and figuring out how to ship paintings safely. This feels fun and I can’t wait until it’s done. I think it’ll be a much quicker process than the whole designing a website thang because darnit all… I am not a website designer!!

I know I’ll get my website finished and at the end of the process I’ll have a shiny new website but I also know that my Etsy shop will be up much sooner than the website and I’m okay with that.

It’s my own process and it’s how I get things done. Working on something is usually what triggers ideas for other things… it’s just how I work so I’m going to embrace it and see what happens.

If you have any experiences, information or tips and tricks to share regarding Etsy, please let me know! It’s all still so new to me and I’m still feeling my way around so any information at this point would be incredibly helpful!!

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