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who ME distracted?

no. i cannot go on pinterest. no i cannot visit etsy. and i most certainly cannot find myself on google reader to catch up on my favourite blogs.

because i’m in editing mode and when i’m editing it’s like i’m an editing ninja.

but if i were to go online, i’d likely go to Kal Barteski’s site and head to her ARTshop and simply stare at this beautiful polar cub print named BEBE ours.

so beautiful, it’s worth a look.

ohhhh how i would LOVE this for Christmas… just putting it out there Santa.

okay back to my ninja style editing

(which basically just means i’m on the couch in my pyjamas looking at pretty pictures of a beautiful family).

enjoy wednesday night my friends


Did you notice?

If sitting on the couch with a laptop on my lap and working on my website for hours at a time was a good workout…

I’d be the fittest in ALLLLLLLL the land.

I’m guessing it’s not though because…… I’m not the fittest anything. anywhere.

(as I put another chip in mouth and TOTALLY enjoy it)


I do have a fancy new website that I have fallen head over heels for!

It really needed an update and I guess even I get bored of procrastination so I finally did it!

and sigh… I’m happy.

There are still a few things I need to finish but it’s so close. close enough to share it with all of you!

So take a peek, look around and I would LOVE it, if you let me know what you think!!

and to reward myself for all this ‘quality work time updating my website and never rarely getting side tracked by things like facebook or pinterest’

I think I might just spend a few quality minutes on Pinterest now because my sweet friend Cheryl and I are planning a

‘let’s get together and make some holiday gift tags while chatting and laughing and solving all the worlds problems’ kinda night

and I just know there’ll be lots of great ideas for us on there!!

but before I lose myself in a sea of pinterest beauty…

I wanted to share this gem of a photo I found again.

It’s from our honeymoon and it’s in Florence, Italy and it makes me want to go back. now.

like I could very easily just pack a quick bag and head to the airport without a second thought.



Tracy - You guys are all amazing!! Thank you so much for such sweet sweet words!!

Courtney - Oh, Tracy! You are a brilliant, brilliant writer – your opening of this post had me giggling. OUT LOUD. :) Love it! I would like to subscribe to this laptop-fit plan that you propose here. Please?! XO

Lesley - This is soooo you! I love it!! xxx

Tammy - Wowzers … it looks fantastic, Tracy! :) Can’t wait until the next time we get a chance to connect!

Cheryl - Love, love, love the new look. Lovely job, Tracy.

Fall Beauty

Today was a lovely day, it was bright, blue sky and crisp and cold. I liked it!

i had lunch with two of my favourite ladies, Cheryl and Pili and we laughed and we ate and nobody spilled food on themselves. this time. Having great friends is one of the biggest things I am thankful for… along with my new slippers. seriously, these slippers make my feet feel like they’re in foot heaven.

FOOT HEAVEN. they’re super soft and super warm and super cute and 30% off to boot… hopefully I can say adios to my cold feet and then Jonathon’s inner thighs can stop bracing for the worst!

So the moral of this blog post is to always make time for your friends and pamper your feet because they are all worth it!

Time to enjoy Saturday night with my husband, a bottle of wine, pyjamas and a movie.




inspiration and encouragement with a side of chai tea

I just got in from a very inspiring photography coffee chai tea date with a few very talented ladies. I love spending time with people who inspire and encourage me and these ladies did just that so I say to them (and you know who you are) THANK YOU!!

and it’s a great time to remind all of you to spend time with people who lift you up, who inspire you, who listen to you and who make you laugh… life is way too short for anything else!!

and because of all this inspiration and laughter… I’m pooped! It’s bedtime but not before I share a few photos of a couple very pretty peacocks I hung out with on the weekend during a family photo shoot. And even without their flashy tail feathers… aren’t they so pretty?

good night my friends…


random can equal awesome

I’m going to show you why I love my phone so much…



I love the camera in my phone so much. I realize the quality isn’t perfect and I absolutely know that editing with apps like instagram can make photos so over processed and I totally don’t even care, not even a little bit because these are all photos I never would have taken if I didn’t have my phone with me. and it’s fun.

I don’t always want to take my big camera with me and there are some places (like the Justin Bieber concert above) where I’m not allowed to, so having the camera in my phone is perfect. and easy. and fun. and pretty much just rad.

ya, i just said rad.

Random photos = awesome memories.

check this out if you have a bunch of instagram photos that you love… i love this idea!!

Happy Sunday!

p.s. and don’t worry, full Justin Bieber concert/vancouver adventure photos to come soon.




Check. Me. Out.

CHECK. ME. OUT. I’m blogging again! I guess maybe the word ‘again’ is a bit premature since it’s just the first post in like FOR.EVER.

But hey, I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately and then just yesterday I received the renewal email for my website… which got me thinking.

do I renew or do I let my little blog gracefully disappear into the great big huge dead blog computershere?

I did actually take time to think about it because I haven’t consistently blogged for quite awhile. about 7 months actually. 7 MONTHS!

That’s a long time. a long time to pay for something that’s not being used.

two thumbs down on wasting money.

But you know what? I couldn’t give it up. I love my website, I love connecting with people like YOU, I love sharing photos and stories and so my friends, in honour of one very dramatical Scarlett O’Hara I say to you… as God is my witness, I will blog again!

*insert cheering here*

so this means I’ll be sharing and connecting and I will pretty much continue just being myself.

and ‘myself’ now has a nifty new smart phone which means you’ll have to put up with terrible photos like the one above (don’t hate on my double chin) because it’s just way too easy to share and I can’t resist.

“I wish there was a place where I could see more of your silly, irrelevant, justforfun, smartphone photos Tracy!”

Really? you’re weird.

But since you asked…. you can find me, ‘tracyrisinger’ on Instagram on your smartphone.

and one more thing.

thanks friends. I know a bunch of you have continually checked my blog, looking for something new. a bunch of you have asked me to get off my butt and write again. and a few of you have told me that you knew I wouldn’t stay away forever. thank you for still being here and for still reading.

makes me happy.



Tracy - Brandi, you are SO sweet friend!! Thank you for your sweet words… it’s motivating! and I love YOU too xoxo

Brandi - *you’re – GASP, can’t believe I posted that above with such hideous grammar:)

Brandi - HOORAY! Love your shorter hair, love your writing again, and love YOU. xo

Auntie Sue - I’m glad your back!!! Yeah!!!

Deanna - WooHoo!! so glad you’re back! Bring it on, Tracy!

Thunderstorm awesomeness

Sometimes, my favourite shots are the ones that aren’t perfectly exposed or perfectly composed. They’re just a quick snapshot of a really cool thunderstorm memory… without the lightening. because lightening is much too quick for me and played games with me all night. and lightening won. but the sky was amazing and the colours were spectacular and I’m glad I had my camera. even when it was pouring rain…

Lesley - That was a fun night! Now, if nothing every prompted me to diet before, that shot of Jonathon and Emma with my big belly in the background will. Seriously……..I think I’ll burn those “too big” jeans and horizontal stripes!! Jonathon and Emma, on the other hand, look fabulous!!!

Jonathon and the Seal


*crickets chirping*

remember me?

Thanks to all the people who keep checking in, hoping to see a new blog post, you all rock!

It’s going to be a short one because it’s almost time to make dinner and I’m a girl who likes to eat. *insert stomach growl here*

I just wanted to share this photo of my husband sharing a moment with a seal….